Emma, The Duchess of Rutland
“An enchanting book full of witty observations of an American’s transition to life in Rutland.”

Lady Victoria Leatham, Burghley House
“This amusing book captures the essence of British life in the country. It is a ‘must have’ for anyone planning to visit England as the idiosyncrasies of  Rutlanders are beautifully brought to life with perceptive prose and will ensure, if nothing else, that they purchase a pair of Wellington boots before they venture forth from the main highway!”

Embrace Magazine
“It’s packed with anecdotes peppered with interesting observations and facts she has unearthed about her adopted country and is a warmly witty distillation of what rustic living is like for an ‘incomer.’ Humorous and light-hearted yet also thought-provoking…”

Leicestershire and Rutland Life
“It is an entertaining volume…when she makes fun of either customs or people she does so with gentle humour and without malice and often displays the endearing characteristic of being able to laugh at herself.”

Stamford Living Magazine
“It’s not another Year In Provence experience in tweeness; it is much more Bill Bryson than Peter Mayle. What makes the difference is that Bosher shares with Bryson a witty but pretty acerbic turn of phrase.”

Rutland and Stamford Mercury
“A delightful new book which captures the essence of the countryside with wit and wry observation. This is no a smart aleck view as purveyed by many louder-than-life Yanks who think the M1 is a cart track. This is a gentle and affectionate look at our lifestyle as only an ‘outsider’ can perceive it.”


“Leslie Ann’s laser vision and laconic style capture the quaintness of England in a fascinating and perceptive way.”

“Just like a hot cup of tea laced with a teaspoon of sugar To the MANOR Drawn is a refreshing, soothing and energizing read all at the same time.”

“The author’s words drip with the slow honey of her Southern roots in the United States, but her perspective is pure British stiff-upper-lip, with a little of Jane Austen’s attention to manners and deportment.”

“The book provides a gentle reminder to those of us living here as to what is available to us each and every day and to the outsider what a gem of a place to visit.”

“…it skips from one aspect of life to another with speed and aplomb but that very speed leaves many questions about what happened next in each cameo snapshot. If leave’em wanting more is Leslie Ann’s motto, she certainly achieved it.”